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Tanuki Crazy   Leave a comment

Ever since I watched Runny’s video on making tanuki onigiri, I’ve been absolutely hooked on making it and including it in my bentos.

I have to say tanuki onigiri is my absolute favorite! As of this posting, I’ve eaten it twice this weekend and am even thinking about making more! The fried bits mixed with green onions and mentsuyu is amazing! Runny, if you’re reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Of course, I have to include a close-up…

On another note, yesterday I got to see Toy Story 3. What a GREAT film! I heard that Totoro was going to be in it, but I had no idea he was actually going to be walking around and dancing as well. I had to stop myself from screaming in happiness because he was just SO CUTE!!!

I was kind of sad he didn’t say anything or make any noise. Regardless, I wish I had a stuffed Totoro that was just as cute and animated, lol!

After the movie, I got to stop off at the grocery store nearby and got a TON of fruit (strawberries must really be in season because they were on sale) as well as some udon noodles. When I got back home, all I kept thinking about was making more tanuki onigiri. That is, until I discovered that those fried bits of goodness can be in soup. So instead of onigiri, I had tanuki udon. (I also had some ebi katsu and kara-age on the side.)

It was the perfect end to a fun evening. If you want to try making some, check out Runny’s YouTube channel (link above) for his recipe on onigiri.

Today, I got to pop back into my favorite Asian market nearby and scored a few odds and ends that were much needed. (Instant dashi, soy sauce, mushrooms, tofu, etc.) Before leaving, I couldn’t resist grabbing one of my favorite sweets…

… this has got to be one of my top 3 Pocky flavors ever. More bento making ensues this week! Until then, happy eating!

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