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Udon & Bento No. 4   Leave a comment

The past few days have been pretty hot and humid, not surprising as Summer is officially kicking off. Oddly enough though, I’ve been having an extreme hankering for udon. Hot bowls of udon at that! Trying to get the right blend of broth, water, noodles, and toppings hasn’t been easy, but I’m okay with eating my experimental bowls. Yesterday however yielded perfect results.

It was nothing short of blissful. Reassurance yet again, that I do need to have noodles at least once a week to keep me happy.

On the bento side of things, instead of plain rice with furikake seasoning, I opted for a simple fried rice this time. It was a nice change and quite filling.

I added more veggies and less chicken teriyaki this time around to balance out the fact that I’m having a larger portion of fried rice…

… because y’know… you gotta eat your vegetables.

Speaking of what’s “gotta” be done, I need to stop taking pics of my bentos and not posting them. It seems that I’m accumulating somewhat of a backlog of photos. Hopefully I can remedy this soon.

Only 2 more days until my best friend and I head out on a bento box adventure. There’s a store quite a trek away that we’re planning to go to Saturday that carries various bento boxes and accessories. Just maybe I can score another box and pair of chopsticks? Don’t get me wrong, I love my Totoro box, but it is quite small for an adult. I’m hoping to get lucky and score one that will be more fitting for adult portions. We’ll see. In the meantime, I’ll be back in the kitchen at some point, assembling another bento…

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