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Today’s been a mish mash of good and bad. Good because I got some quality kitchen time in, experimenting with random items in the fridge. Bad because I didn’t sleep well (again) last night and the weather just turned into one stormy mess amongst other things. My mood hasn’t been that great as of late because I’ve just been trying not to be down about what seems to be the never-ending search for a job. *sigh* I’m really hoping I can get out of this rut soon. In any case, when I’m not scouring sites for work, I’ve been keeping busy – reading, watching my favorite shows, movies, and some anime, as well as making bentos.

Speaking of which, I must apologize as I know my pics might not be as great as others (who have more elaborate sites), but this box is the only one I have, aside from other random tupperware that could barely pass for a real bento box. Hopefully with time, I’ll get a few more boxes and accessories to jazz my pictures up. If anyone’s interested in donating to my cause, I do have a wishlist for viewing. Even if I got a pair of chopsticks or sauce bottles, anything off of it would be fine and I would be extremely grateful!

So here’s my latest creation, which I ate as I happily watched tv. There’s nothing like good food, even more so, a great bento, to lighten the mood.

I was EXTREMELY pleased with how the shrimp katsu and tamagoyaki turned out. While I watched the shrimp fry, I yelled “YATTA!” because they didn’t curl up badly. Also worth noting, the tamagoyaki has some imitation crab in the center. My only complaint would be that I didn’t add enough sauce to the tamago, so it was a bit bland.

Here’s the breakdown:

Tomorrow, I’m hoping to make tanuki onigiri like the one’s featured on Runny’s YouTube Channel. They look really tasty and I’ve just got a weakness for fried foods as well as ones with various textures. If you’re ever looking for more dishes to prepare for bento, I highly suggest watching his videos. They’re easy to prepare dishes and he’s quite funny and dare I say… kawaii!

And now looking at the clock, this horrendous Friday will be over. Thank God. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

Happy eating!

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